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Meredith has recently returned to NYC from Miami, Florida where she debuted a new play, If you'd like to read a review of the production please

click here!

"Casey disappears into Sophie’s skin. The performer paints a vivid picture of a wary woman who is also vehement and unbending in her beliefs and convictions. " 

- Aaron Krause, Miami Art Magazine

About me

Meredith is a proud Minnesota & NYC native. Besides acting, Meredith can be found in her meticulously clean NYC apartment or attempting (and failing) to take a nap. She swears she is super fun and laid back. 

Meredith has been lucky to work steadily as an actor since her graduation from the Guthrie Theater's BFA Acting program in 2017. She loves the age-old classics but is constantly jonesing for a new play. Her bread and butter these days is a Shakespearean heroine or a Jane Austen rule-breaker, but her dream role is Rose from The Flick by Annie Baker. She likes that play a stupid amount. Please cast her in it. She swears she would be good. 

She lives happily in NYC. 

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